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Inside the Waistband

Blade-Tech's line of Inside the Waistband (IWB) Holsters.

Outside the Waistband
Inside the Waistband
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      Inside the Waistband
      Made from a thinner material, the Nano is a more streamlined holster. The belt loops are more spread appart, adding stability while making the holster more contoured to the body. We have also eliminated the second tension screw, reducing the ammount of material; and contoured all areas possible on the body contact side, providing comfort and eliminating hotspots. This holster is non-collapsible; aiding in a faster re-holster. This is one of our most comfortable IWB holsters.
      This holster is identical in features and specifications to the Classic IWB. The difference is that we make it only one way and that saves you money especially if you like to carry more than one size of the popular Glocks and 1911s. Available in FBI or Straight Draw cant and with our adjustable belt loops, it will fit either all Glocks or all standard frame 1911s. Excluding Glock 29/30 with rails.
      Our Phantom line of holsters was modeled after BLADE-TECH’s very popular Nano IWB holster. Like the Nano, the Phantom’s material is noticeably thin, yet rugged and durable. Due to its thinner profile, the holster reduces weapon printing and helps the gun and holster virtually disappear when worn.
      This holster is designed to be worn in the front pocket. It is made of our roughout series leather and has a layer of thermal plastic on the front side to hide the print of the gun on exterior of the holster. This holster is made of premium USA Cowhide.
      The HYBRID Tuckable by BLADE-TECH is one of the most comfortable tuckable holsters on the market today. The holster combines Premium USA Cowhide back with a handmade thermal formed holster half-shell. This blending of leather and plastic aids in concealment and durability. This new holster from BLADE-TECH provides a quality fit with an unsurpassed level of comfort.
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