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Jason Bradshaw
  "To the Owners and Staff, I would just like to take the time to compliment your company on a great product. I recently ordered a black ice holster in anticipation of my last competition of the season. I have to say that I was more than impressed. I received it when I was told I would by your customer service. Thats a big deal to me. I work in the industry and customer service with alot of the companys has been a joke since the sandy hook surge. I only had about a week to train with it before my competition (Kentukyanna IDPA tier 3 regional). It was funny how every stage in this competition had a position of standing or kneeling which really made the ice holster shine. I placed 3rd in my division (SSP Expert). That was the best performance I had this year. I have been shooting IDPA for about a year and a half. My goal is to make master class within 2 years of starting. I think your holster will definitely help me with attaining that personal goal.  I am a veteran of 3 combat tours in Iraq, a gunsmith, a certified NRA instructor, a competition shooter, father and husband. My entire professional and recreational life has been in firearms since I have left the US Army. I shoot about 20,000 rounds a year between practice and training others. I can say without a doubt that your product is quality gear made by a quality company.   Thank you, Jae" 

~"I can say without a doubt that your product is quality gear made by a quality company."
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